Monday, November 28, 2005

stern vod (wsj)

Stern's 'Anti-Censor' Combs for ControversyWall Street Journal - 2 hours ago... 18. The launch of the on-demand channel coincides with Mr. Stern's move to Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. Like satellite radio, video ...

sirius this guys wrong imho

so he raised the target, i wonder whats behind the buying that these guys have started
while slaming the dog .............maybe the sec should ask whats up

NEW YORK, November 28 ( - Analyst Jonathan Jacoby of Banc of America Securities reiterates his "neutral" rating on Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI.NAS). The target price is set to $6.In a research note published on November 25, the analyst mentions that the company is witnessing worse-than-anticipated promotional trends, which is likely to adversely affect its ARPU. The analyst expects Sirius Satellite Radio’s share price to appreciate during the holiday season due to the impending arrival of Howard Stern on the channel from January 2006.

sirius, what the motive for the bashing

XM, Sirius Could Be Liable For Higher Music RoyaltiesForbes - 13 minutes agoBanc of America Securities analyst Jonathan A. Jacoby said XM Satellite Radio Holdings (nasdaq: XMSR - news - people ) and Sirius Satellite Radio (nasdaq: SIRI ...

our best buddie shows up again via forbes...........................time to send them a email and ask what motives they have for repeating the same old tripe from this dolt

Sunday, November 27, 2005


The Howard Stern Channel - Production openings
New York
Programming – Talk
Talk Programming - 5350
Full Time
Job Description:
Can you turn the sound of "Shaving Ryan's Privates" into the "Sound of Music?" Can you capture the raw power of a "Number 2" and turn it into "Beethoven's 9th" Can you turn classic oral into classic aural? Do you thrive on the misfortunes of others to drive your creative passion? Is a day filled with strippers, lesbians, midgets, celebrities, rock stars, and the greatest radio team on the face of the planet fun and creative enough for you?! We're looking for people that can turn high-pitch Eric's into radio epics as the King of all Media needs Production Wizards to revolutionize radio. Send demo to Sharon Wolfe at 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.
Job Requirements:
Demo required. Production experience in the radio industry required.
Submit Your Resume:
If you have previously applied to a position at SIRIUS Satellite Radio, please click here.If you have not applied to a position at

Sirius Alternative to radio

Sirius Alternative to radio: "SIRIUS TARGET RAISED TO 15.00
New Sirius target: $15by: Strong Buy via yahoo

Tobin Smith In his Changewave newsletter emailed Wednesday Nov 23, had this to say about Sirius: Jupiter Research predict that the satellite radio market will explode from 12 million listeners this year to 55 million in 2010, and I think Stern and Sirius' other programming can push the service's user base to 5 million daily listeners by the end of 2006. This is going to be one of the last chances to get on the satellite radio wave at this price and I want to make sure you are on the ride with us. I've reworked my numbers and I'm raising the Buy Under for Sirius to $7.25 and moving the target to $15. Get it while you can.
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Sirius Canada Launch Reported Thursday

Well, guess it's time for canada to launch

Stop, hey, what's that SOUND

Toronto Star, Canada - 9 hours agoYou've heard about it for years. Now, you can legally hear it. XM and Sirius rushed to get satellite radio to you. ... (Sirius is set launch this Thursday.). ...


New Sirius target: $15by: Strong Buy via yahoo

Tobin Smith In his Changewave newsletter emailed Wednesday Nov 23, had this to say about Sirius: Jupiter Research predict that the satellite radio market will explode from 12 million listeners this year to 55 million in 2010, and I think Stern and Sirius' other programming can push the service's user base to 5 million daily listeners by the end of 2006. This is going to be one of the last chances to get on the satellite radio wave at this price and I want to make sure you are on the ride with us. I've reworked my numbers and I'm raising the Buy Under for Sirius to $7.25 and moving the target to $15. Get it while you can.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sirius store reports brisk sales due to stern

Hey guys--Hope your busy! Any comments regarding the volume of Sirius sales? Guessing the year end projections?(are what expected or you think numbers of "over 3 million subs" going to be blown out?) Are the sales general normal gift holiday or more Howard effect involved?Any shortages out there you see?
Posted by: Gary November 26, 2005 at 06:22 AM
The sales seem to be much higher than expected. Also about 80% of the people buying are Howard Stern fans or are buying for Stern fans. And those fans are going to great lengths to listen. I think in my personal sense the 3 million mark has been past at least a week ago. Maybe we're looking at 3.5-5 million subscriber by the end of January, this purely my estimate.
Posted by: Taylor November 26, 2005 at 01:28 PM
Taylor, thanks for the info on sales and thanks for your cool store! Could you give us a sense of what radios are selling the most? Without prying could you tell us what % this year sale are different then last years? I am an investor and your input is very helpful. Thanks again
Posted by: John November 26, 2005 at 02:02 PM
you guys rock,looks like sales are brisk.........hope the delay has not cost you to much....
Posted by: tim wallick November 26, 2005 at 02:52 PM

Sirius Alternative Message Board launched

We are glad you have arrived at


A message board managed by your peers.

We will strive to maintain an environment which is both fun and informing . The site is by invitation and we are trying to invite a lot of folks. SiriusAlternative is a site that has been built for you.

General MSN board rules and regulations apply. No one has the market on popularity here,nor on facts about sirius. It will take everyone's partcicpation to make it fun and informative for all.

We hope there are days when you read a post and a light goes off and because of something you gleaned from our pages you made a better investment decision. It IS all about making money.

The future of SIRIUS is very bright. Like a growing star we approach the holidays and the the largest marketing push that we have ever seen for SIRIUS.

That said, this is not a board solely to pump.
Negative news is as important as positive.

The Management

satrad survey from digital home canada

Should Canadians be allowed to subscribe to US Satellite Radio ...

Digital Home, Canada - 5 hours agoOne of the biggest Canadian technology stories in Canada in 2005 was the CRTC decision on June 16th to approve two Canadian satellite radio services. ...

hugh, nice board I follow your site and information daily, im waiting on those articles you promised on satellite radio........

thanks for your efforts

can stern stop xm, 695k 4thq projected xmsr

Can Stern Stop XM's Leadership?
November 25 , 2005

Standard & Poor's Equity Research analyst Tuna Amobi reiterated a "buy" rating on XM Satellite Radio Holdings today (nasdaq: XMSR - news - people ) and raised the price target to $36 from $33.

In a research report, Amobi attributed the action to "robust holiday sales of retail subscriptions to XM's portables, led by Roady2 and SKYFi2." Problems at General Motors (nyse: GM - news - people ), a "key partner," won't derail XM's momentum at the automotive OEM channel, where GM and Honda Motor (nyse: HMC - news - people ) combined plan more than 2 million XM-factory installed vehicles in 2006. Amobi said a likely attainable 2005 target is 1.8 million..

"We assume the 2006 debut of jock Howard Stern on rival Sirius Satellite Radio (nasdaq: SIRI - news - people ) will boost overall awareness for satellite radio, without tilting XM's long-term leadership of the category," Amobi said. The analyst rates Sirius at "hold."

California-based research firm Bridge Ratings & Research has been trending Stern subscriptions all year. In their just-released trend update, Bridge Ratings President Dave Van Dyke shared this insight:

"By the end of January 2006, Bridge Ratings projects 1.4 million additional new subscribers to Sirius due to Stern's new channels. Sirius' 750,000 sign-up rate for Q4 2005 will surpass XM's quarterly number and for the first time will give Sirius the majority of the subscription activity for the quarter."

Bridge Ratings projects XM will add 695,000 new subscribers in the 4th Quarter

Friday, November 25, 2005

Sirius store S-50 Units due tuesday

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Sirius store has reported via it's blog More good new's

Unfortunately I opted not to do anything but work on things here at the business. I generally go up to some family I have in San Francisco. It is a tradition that I had to break this year since business has been so busy as of late.

A few things of note. Our Second and Third Batches of S50s come in on Tuesday for sure. Those will ship out on tuesday as well. We appreciate your patience. SIRIUS is growing by leaps and bounds. Believe it or not I am not a stockholder but would recommend it to everyone. I can personally feel their growth and it is astonishing.

We added a few things tonight, Thanksgiving night. One is prepaid SIRIUS Cards. There are two kinds. One in which you buy to refuel your existing service and the other in which includes the activation fee as well. You can get those in 3, 6, and 12 month demoninations. They serve a purpose as gifts, for the most part or perhaps you are not a fan a being automatically billed.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sirius Alternative to radio

Sirius Alternative to radio

Sirius TV sales

It looks like some eoy model clearance could be taking place on television.

Via three models with fifty dollar rebates..

Sirius, CBC States over three million sub's

CBC Radio 3
Satellite Station Will Beam Canadian Indie Music and Culture to Millions, 24 Hours a Day 85 percent will be Canadian content - from the newest emerging artists to favourites such as the Arcade Fire, the New Pornographers, K'naan and Broken Social Scene In early December, CBC Radio 3 is launching a daring new 24-hour satellite radio station that will give an enormous boost to Canadian independent music and culture. Beamed across North America through the Sirius Satellite network (, the station will feature artists from across the country and from across many genres - including rock, pop, hip-hop, electronica, and alt-country - before they hit the mainstream. For those artists, it means reaching millions of music fans they never would have before.

"This is an unprecedented opportunity to get a lot of Canadian artists on the radio, not just in Canada, but also in the United States," says CBC Radio 3 director Steve Pratt. "And right now, with so much buzz around the Canadian indie music scene, it's a great time for us to launch."

With over 3 million existing subscribers, satellite radio is one of the fastest growing technologies in the United States; and the commercial-free, 24-hour format promises to be equally popular in Canada, where Sirius will launch its full service in time for the 2005 holiday season.

Based in Vancouver, CBC Radio 3's satellite station will also feature music, arts, and pop culture stories from CBC reporters in Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax and from a host of freelance contributors everywhere in between. The exceptional host lineup will include CBC favourites Grant Lawrence and Lisa Christiansen, as well as indie rock icons Chris Murphy and Jay Ferguson of Sloan.

Early next year, the line-up will also include concerts and sessions recorded in CBC studios. A comprehensive new website ( will bring together Radio 3's existing web properties and will feature a CBC Radio 3 blog, as well as an interactive music player that will offer pre-arranged playlists and will allow listeners to customize their own. Radio 3's weekly, all-Canadian music podcast - the most popular in the country with more than 650,000 downloads to date - will also continue.

"This is an amazing success story for Canadian music," says Pratt. "And it's only just begun."

Sirus Canada CBC Pratt confirm's launch

CBC satellite set to soar
By adrian mack
Publish Date: 24-Nov-2005

Preparations for the launch of CBC Radio 3’s satellite radio station continue, with director Steve Pratt confirming that broadcasting will begin “within two weeks”. The 24-hour service—one out of a hundred that will be available through the SIRIUS network—will focus almost exclusively on independent Canadian music, and should give further momentum to a community already ignited by the international triumphs of acts like the Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene. “I don’t think it’s the case that all of a sudden, there’s magically a ton of amazing music being made in Canada,” Pratt told the Straight. “I think it’s the case that technology has allowed more people to discover it easily and share it.” To that end, the innovative group behind CBC Radio 3—which previously piggybacked on CBC Radio Two for 30 hours a week, as well as maintaining a cutting-edge web presence—has already extended into other forms of new media. “For us, it’s been the podcasts,” Pratt said. “It’s unbelievable. I think there’s been something like three-quarters of a million downloads since June. And almost 50 percent of them are from outside of Canada.” The move into the subscriber-based satellite radio market brings Pratt and company one step closer to their original ambitions. “We’ve been hoping to have a 24-hour radio station at Radio 3 since 1999,” he noted. The commercial-free format also allows for some nifty and attractive programming. “Chris Murphy and Jay Ferguson from Sloan—they’re doing a weekend show for us, from Toronto,” Pratt revealed, almost giddily. “They were out here last week taping their first show. We’re not really going for the guys named Buzz or Catfish or whatever, with the big, deep voices—we want people who really know their music and are passionate about it.” For updates, including a firm kickoff date, visit

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Waiting for Santa

What a great invention satellite radio was. I was apprehensive when the dealer first mentioned it to me when ordering a new car. I declined the service simply because I had never heard of it. That was in the fall of 2003. In the fall of 2004, I ordered a new car again, and boy, did I change my mind that time. During the span of a year, I must have heard Sirius and XM Satellite Radio mentioned a dozen times. I began to notice it piped into my local grocery store when I was shopping. All my friends had it in their cars. So, I was a buyer the second go around. Not only did I subscribe to the service and have the radio installed in my car, but I bought shares of the stock. I am waiting for Santa to arrive this Christmas so that I can reap the benefits when the share price accelerates. I strongly believe that satellite radio is the future. I will always have it now and hope to make some money off it as well.

Sirius Canadian Distributor Named

Slowly but surely it start's
Erikson Consumer Appointed Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Sirius Hardware
Montreal, QC, November 22, 2005: Sirius Canada has appointed Erikson Consumer, a division of Quebec-based Jam Industries Ltd. as the exclusive Canadian distributor for Sirius satellite radio products.
“We are very excited to partner with Sirius Canada,” commented Martin Szpiro, Executive Vice President, Erikson Consumer. “We expect huge demand in this highly anticipated category, and our experienced sales team is dedicated to offering the best service to all Canadian satellite retailers.”
“Sirius branded Satellite Radio products will be at retailers in time for the holidays,” added Paul Cunningham, Vice President of Sales and Distribution, Sirius Canada. “With a full 100 channels, Sirius Canada will provide consumers with the most comprehensive satellite radio service in the country.”
The initial product line-up will include the Sirius One, featuring a simplified design; and the Starmate plug-and-play devices that are easily transportable from a vehicle to the home via the Sirius accessory Home Kit. Additional products will be added soon, including the Sportster Replay, which allows users to pause, rewind, or fast-forward up to 44 minutes of content; and the plug-and-play Starmate Replay; while the S50 mobile unit in anticipated to be available in early 2006.
Sirius Canada’s satellite radio service will be available soon through select retailers. For more information, visit
For more information, contact Erikson Consumer at (514) 457-2555; or visit

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


This blog will serve only to promote satellite radio service, from sirius satellite radio based in NewYork city. Along with the new message board for sirius investor located on the Msn site listed below all civil investors are welcome to this new site
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