Saturday, July 28, 2007

sirius sec documents says developing and deploying

this is "One" from one of many from calendar year 2000 sec filings which supports the fact they understood what was wanted early on. and now are just using the dual device concept in a ploy to pass muster within the FCC and public arena..

***** Confidential treatment has been requested for portions of this agreement. The copy filed herewith omits the information subject to the confidentiality request. Omissions are designated as *****. A complete version of this agreement has been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


This JOINT DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT is entered into between XM Satellite Radio Inc., a Delaware corporation with its principal location at 1250 23rd Street, N.W., Washington, DC ("XM"), and Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., a Delaware corporation with its principal location at 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York ("Sirius") as of February 16th, 2000 ("Effective Date").


WHEREAS, XM is engaged in designing, developing, marketing and licensing the technology relating to its satellite digital audio radio system ("XM Radio System") in accordance with the rights under the license issued to XM by the Federal Communications Commission (the "FCC");

WHEREAS, Sirius is engaged in designing, developing, marketing and licensing the technology relating to its satellite digital audio radio system ("Sirius Radio System") in accordance with the rights under the license issued to Sirius by the FCC;

WHEREAS, the FCC has mandated that XM and Sirius deploy a final receiver design that is interoperable;

WHEREAS, due to the different technical heritage, satellite design and performance requirements of the XM Radio System and the Sirius Radio System, such systems currently employ different technologies that impede the design and development of an interoperable receiver;

WHEREAS, XM and Sirius and their respective radio equipment suppliers already have expended significant funds in developing Single Mode Radios (as defined below);

WHEREAS, it will take an extensive and expensive joint program to merge the technologies employed by the XM Radio System and the Sirius Radio System in order to design and develop a cost efficient interoperable receiver;

WHEREAS, XM and Sirius are, and will continue to be, competitors in, among other things, the marketing and sale of the satellite broadcasting of radio programming to listeners, the acquisition of rights to broadcast such programming and sale of radio advertising availabilities and other forms of advertising or promotional opportunities in connection with that programming (collectively, "Business Opportunities");

WHEREAS, nothing in this Agreement is intended to, or will in any way, restrain or reduce the competitive rivalry between the parties in the pursuit of Business Opportunities;

WHEREAS, the parties desire to comply with FCC licensing requirements and to enhance efficiency and consumer welfare by jointly developing and deploying certain interoperable technology for the purpose of producing radios capable of receiving broadcasts from both the XM Radio System and the Sirius Radio System

"Interoperable Radio" shall mean a radio that, at a minimum, (a) receives and processes the audio portion of both the Sirius Radio System signal and the XM Radio System signal, either as a result of an Interoperable Chipset contained in the unit itself or as a result of an Interoperable Chipset contained in an outboard location which interfaces directly with the unit, and (b) which is capable of providing the user interface for both Sirius Radio System broadcasts and XM Radio System broadcasts, including displaying the artist and title information transmitted as part of such broadcasts, in each case, without the consumer purchasing additional hardware or software.

"Interoperability Technology" shall mean the technology, including the technology which is jointly funded and developed by Sirius and XM pursuant to this Agreement or owned and/or licensed by either party, which is required to design, develop and/or manufacture an Interoperable Radio, as well as any enhancements and modifications jointly funded and developed for such technology pursuant to this Agreement (including the industry standards jointly developed by the parties pursuant to Section 3.03), but shall not include Non-core Technology.

XM and Sirius will work with their existing automobile and radio manufacturing partners to integrate the new standard under the terms of their existing agreements. All future agreements with automakers and radio partners will specify the new satellite radio standard.

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